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Google Analytics
The new PR reporting landscape: How to show value and drive decisions

by Rajagopal Sathyamurthi and Leta Soza
Companies like AirPR are providing tools that showcase PR results in a way that’s smart and easy to understand

by Paul Wilke
How to Romance the C-Suite: Communicate Results That Resonate

by Rebekah Iliff
Four key metric groups for B2B marketers

by Adam Singer
SAP Radio
Brands As Publishers: Lessons Learned and Future Trend Predictions

by Bonnie D. Graham
11 PR Professionals to Follow

by Gini Dietrich
The idea behind AirPR is...PR people are able to get a much better insight into what is working in the marketplace.
by Paul Wallbank
The State of Marketing Analytics: Insights in the age of the customer

by Jon Cifuentes
On how marketing and PR combine for success

by Adam Weinroth
Google Analytics
Our Analyst product focuses on increasing overall PR performance while seeking to solve systemic industry challenges through the application of big data.

by Leta Soza
PR pros have struggled with measuring the impact of media relations and other communications efforts, but AirPR offers a missing piece to the puzzle.

by Beki Winchel
Over the next five years, it will become much easier to embrace data-driven programs, as the ability to abstract complexity into software will ease adoption while ubiquitous use of analytics will yield actionable insights.
by John Whittaker
If I were looking to build a company right now, I’d use this landscape to help figure out what core and supporting technologies I could package into a novel industry application.

by Shivon Zilis
AirPR, a startup promising a fresh approach to public relations, has sold its PR marketplace to marketing agency The CHR Group.

by Anthony Ha
Which tech start-ups got the most ink in 2014? We got some help from AirPR, a San Francisco-based start-up that provides data and analytics to public relations professionals.

by Ari Levy
One of PR’s key objectives is to communicate, however subtly, to the customer that “No, we couldn’t exist without you,” and “Yes, we appreciate your patronage.” And lastly: “It’s not about us, it’s about you.
by Rebekah Iliff  
...our ability to engage our audiences is directly related to how we think about the marketing and PR.

by Rebekah Iliff  
Brand journalism, like traditional journalism, is about quality storytelling.

by Rebekah Iliff  
A look at Correlation’s portfolio shows that likely winners-in-the-making include Good Eggs, Aldea Pharmaceuticals and AirPR.

by George Anders
...imagine a world in which you could understand your PR spends and campaign results with the same level of accuracy and detail as other aspects of your marketing like advertising.
by Rebekah Iliff  
With the Ad Tech ecosystem now solidly in place, wouldn’t we be wise to look to another critical frontier of the marketing automation puzzle: PR?

by Bryan Stolle
Fast Company
AirPR, through tracking more than 200,000 articles, has discovered some secrets to PR success, which it has shared exclusively with Fast Company.

by Rebecca Greenfield
Companies [like AirPR] that cut through the fat to showcase what data is important for decision making will help elevate the entire ecosystem.
by Courtney Subramanian
Enterprise-focused Omniture for PR and the first big data analytics approach to measure the effectiveness down to real value.

by Rip Empson
Fast Company
[AirPR Analyst is] a harbinger of a larger trend of publicists embracing big data…integrating web and social media analytics.

by Neal Ungerleider
AirPR raises the issue of lack of technology and data literacy in the communications and PR industry.

by Peter Himler
Helping companies like the New York Stock Exchange understand the effectiveness of their PR and target future campaigns based on that insight.
by Ari Levy
AirPR springs up to help companies measure their return on PR activities, including agencies.

by Caleb Garling
Startups can no longer count on traditional PR, AirPR marketplace and analytics solution launch to revamp PR.

by Vanessa Camones
Holmes Report
AirPR, a match-making and measurement platform for the industry, introduces the PR engineer to its organization.

by Aarti Shah
PR Week
AirPR Analyst cuts through the noise fast and offers top-level insights around the data that actually matter to the business.

by Brittaney Kiefer
The Next Web
AirPR’s Analyst is designed to shake things up by providing analytics that track PR activity all the way back to revenue impact.

by Josh Ong
Upstart Business Journal
The holy grail of the industry is measurement, and that's the problem AirPR is setting out to solve.

by J Jennings Moss


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August 31, 2016, San Francisco
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June 29, 2016, San Francisco State of the Industry
SuperSaturday 2016
January 16, 2016, New York
Social/Mobile analytics best practices
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November 8-10, 2015, Atlanta
Yes, you are a content machine
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August 11-12, 2015, San Francisco
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August 19-21, 2015, Whistler, BC
GROW: Living in a connected world
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT
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Forrester's Forum For Marketing Leaders
Tuesday, April 14, 2015, New York
Build and lead a next-generation marketing organization
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March 7, 2015, Sunnyvale
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January 29, 2015, New York Innovators Unbound
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December 3, 2014, San Francisco
Funding 101
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October 29, 2014, San Francisco
AMEC Measurement Week
September 15-19, 2014
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#DellVenue Social Business Think Tank
September 11, 2014
Maturing social business
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June 26, 2014, San Francisco
Honoring the leadings minds in PR, Technology, Marketing, and Media
PRTech Awards NYC
June 19, 2014, New York City
Honoring the leadings minds in PR, Technology, Marketing, and Media
PR Summit
June 17, 2014, San Francisco
Data-driven storytelling
April 11, 2014, New York
Media 4 Social Impact Executive panel
Soho Grand Hotel
April 10, 2014, New York
Thought leaders meetup
Direct Marketing News
March 25, 2014, San Francisco
Roundtable participation
The Cavalier
March 21, 2014, San Francisco
PR and Media luncheon
March 8, 2014, Austin
Dinner at the Mill
ABC Kitchen
February 27, 2014, New York
PR and Media luncheon
February 26, 2014, New York
Analyst presentation/demo
New York University
February 26, 2014, New York
Analyst presentation/demo


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