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We needed to find a PR pro who had strong relationships and a keen understanding of our sector. AirPR’s matching and bidding process allowed us to fluidly compare price and tactics from several sources. The result: discovering a small firm that specializes in startup launches in the mobile space. We would have spent months on our own attempting to find the level of PR specialty.
– Roj Niyogi, Gush

AirPR was essential to our successful product launch and messaging. We ended up engaging top-tier marketing professionals through AirPR's competitive marketplace - professionals whom we would not otherwise have found. The bidding process also ensured that we got a big bang for our marketing bucks. I couldn't recommend AirPR highly enough for any venture backed startup.
– Shahram Seyedin-Noor, GraphDive

We recently used AirPR to source PR talent around our market launch. It’s clear they have built a technology that makes the PR discovery process much easier, but their customer service around making sure we had our needs met was impressive as well. Their curated approach was key for us, and we have already recommended the platform to others in the 500 Startups family.
– Camilo Acosta, PayByGroup

As first time startup founders we wanted to be very cautious in choosing the right PR partner and making sure they could reach the channels that were important to us. AirPR was extremely supportive in guiding us toward a few viable options, and as a result we found an amazing firm that was perfect for us.
– Pegah Ebrahimi, SparkBoxToys

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Our visibility platform delivers exceptional benefits for our issuer community, customers and the NYSE Euronext brand. It’s quite valuable that AirPR is aiming to help companies like the NYSE Euronext measure the impact of PR activities.

For CMOs and communications professionals, understanding which PR efforts are driving the most effective outcomes is imperative to making better decisions. Finally, with AirPR Analyst, we will be able to understand which press is driving engagement and moving the needle in terms of traffic, conversion, organic search, and even revenue.


Enterprise-focused Omniture for PR and the first big data analytics approach to measure the effectiveness down to real value

The Next Web
CMOs and PR firms will [now] have an easier time justifying their budgets when vying with advertising departments for dollars.

Fast Company
[AirPR Analyst is] a harbinger of a larger trend of publicists embracing big data-integrating web and social media analytics.

PR Week
[AirPR Analyst] cuts through the noise and offers top-level insights around the data that actually matters to a business.

AirPR is offering to fill an analytics gap for companies wanting to track PR campaigns and key activities.
Upstart Business Journal
Today's news business is all about metrics...and brands often don't know what it was about a PR campaign that caught fire.